STU-CON2 was held at Linda Vista Hospital on August 6, 2011. A lot of misinformation has been willfully distributed by The Boyle Heights Paranormal Project
and Scott Gruenwald's "The Paranormal STU". Who started "the drama"? Who is perpetuating it to this day? The FACTS are below.

It is interesting to note that Scott Gruenwald knew before STU-CON 2 that the founder of BHPP was becoming increasingly negative toward Scott's longtime friends, 3am Paranormal. Some insiders have suggested that long term jealousy over 3am's continued notoriety with respect to Linda Vista Hospital over his own team was the reason.

3am were rethinking even attending STU CON 2. Scott had to assure them that everything would be fine, and he pleaded with them to attend. They agreed, but warned that they would walk at any sign of negativity. I spoke to Joe and Rebecca myself, and told them if any negativity was brought their way at the event, I would walk out too. As it turned out, a LOT of negativity was focused on 3am that day by Berni and members of BHPP. 3am stuck it out to support their friend, Scott...

The "STU Con 2 Incident" began when members from Harbor Area Paranormal were forcefully escorted out of the fake chapel in the hospital. No signs or other warnings were posted stating that this was a restricted area. On the contrary, the fake chapel was fully a part of STU-CON2 and acessible to the public the whole day. Afterward, Vickie Kinner, founder of HAP, went on Facebook to let the paranormal community know about her mistreatment at STU-CON2. Excerpts below:

On August 8th, Vickie Kinner received an email from a member of Scott's family asking her to apologize to him for all the negative reactions STU-CON2 was receiving! On August 9th, I got a call from Scott Gruenwald soon after I posted my blog about STU-CON2. He seemed completely flustered about the continued mention of The STU in the blog. This puzzled me, as I had nothing bad at all to say about Scott or The STU. I even posted on the official STU-CON2 Facebook wall that the only thing good about STU CON 2 was the STU itself.

I told this to Scott, who at the time seemed to accept my explanation. He just asked that the STU be left out of the argument, as they "didn't want to get involved in the drama."

The "drama" for that incident could have died down from there, if it hadn't been for The STU's continued attacks on HAP and Vickie Kinner afterward.

Way to stay out of the drama, Scott.

On the STU's next show on August:12, called "STU CON REVISITED" (the videos were taken down shortly after this expose was published.) Scott seemed to have sided with Boyle Heights Paranormal Project on how Vickie and HAP were "rule breakers". In the opening segment on that show, Scott had one of his STU crew, some idiot named "Number One", portray Vickie with a "down syndrome" like voice in an obvious barb thrown her way. Vickie took offence to this, as Scott was well aware Vickie had special needs children. Scott was good friends with Vickie for years before STU CON 2. The rest of us were disappointed that Scott seemed to be choosing sides against his long term friends over BHPP. It seemed access to a famous haunted location meant more to him than longtime colleagues in the paranormal.

We got together at a local Dennys and filmed two videos in response that same night. We figured if Scott thought we could take a joke, no matter how barbed, he could too.

We were wrong.

The following STU show, August 19th's "THIS SHOW SUCKS" continued attacking Vickie and HAP over the STU CON2 fallout. BHPP's minions also joined in trashing HAP, while BHPP itself remained silent, content in letting others they had emailed and collaborated with (Like Scott Gruenwald) level the attacks for them. Vickie took further abuse from The STU, including a "skit" where she was called a lesbian in a derogatory fashion, and remarks were made on personal appearance. Only then did HAP decide to release a statement on August 29th addressing the claim that they were "rulebreakers."

That video centered on the mistreatment HAP received from Boyle Heights Paranormal Project's founder, Richard Berni. No trashing of Scott or the STU was mentioned. Support was plentiful from concerned paranormal individuals:

Shortly after, attacks were put into high gear by BHPP minions (so BHPP could still claim they weren't responding)
and the biggest BHPP stooges, Scott Gruenwald's STU crew. You know, the people that wanted to "stay out of the drama?" Yeah...

On the subject of HAP being overcharged at STU CON2, Jesus Martinez was quick to defend BHPP, but was shot down deftly with the facts, once again.

The next handful of STU shows continued to trash Vickie...even though the STU isn't about drama, remember? Scott began making reference to a radio interview over two years ago, stating that Vickie "attacked" Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio over his "authorship" of the book, The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. Even though...Dave Schrader was NOT the author. He wrote the FORWARD to the book.

Vickie had a debate with Schrader over the book on her Blogtalk radio program. Vickie felt teens shouldn't be ghost hunting because of the dangers involved, and she felt the book encouraged teens to do so. Schrader felt teens would ghost hunt anyway, so why not have a book that spoke to them on their level. Vickie smartly pointed out that if the book prepared teens for ghost hunting, why didn't Schrader allow teens to participate in Darkness Radio investigation events? Schrader replied he didn't want teens disrupting an event adults paid good money for. Vickie again questioned the validity of the book if it didn't teach teens how to behave on an investigation. At that point, Schrader was the one who became belligerent, and trashed Vickie and her show. He told her she was irresponsible stating that she "banned" the book from HAP's library on the air, saying it would hurt book sales. THEN, Schrader made fun of how few listeners Vickie had.

The STU crew thought they had something further on Vickie, because of the 14 year old girl that was in her group at STU CON2. However...the 14 year old girl in question was NOT in Vickie's group. She was with another group that shared a ride to STU CON2 with Vickie. Also, STU CON2 was not an actual "paranormal investigation". BHPP allowed over 100 attendees to run around the hospital scaring one another. It was little more than a haunted house attraction, not even close to a professional paranormal investigation.

The Blogtalk radio segment from Fri, Sep 25, 2009, that the ignorant can't stop discussing:

Listen to internet radio with HarborAreaParanormal on Blog Talk Radio

Other paranormal teams that supported HAP made videos as well.

Dawn Gomez, a former BHPP founding member, publicly supported the HAP and NOPS videos. This proved to be enough to garner alleged threats of physical harm from BHPP. Louis Gonzalez, founder of the former SCSPR paranormal team, called Dawn's boyfriend Frank Beruecos to warn him that BHPP would send some female BHPP crew over to Dawn's job to beat her up if she made a video. Beruecos was the co-founder of S.C.S.P.R., and friend of Gonzales for over 10 years. Gonzalez had recently joined BHPP and seemed to have abandoned S.C.S.P.R. Dawn decided to make a video addressing those threats. Frank made one as well, and severed ties with Louis Gonzalez.

Jesus Martinez, (you remember him, right? The guy from the STU crew that doesn't want to get involved in the drama? Martinez declared the threats toward Dawn from BHPP to be "bullshit."

So if the claim of jumping Dawn Gomez was bullshit, how does the STU explain this?:

In a stunning confirmation of everything HAP and their supporters have said for months, the security guard in question at the "STU Con 2 Incident", George Plancarte, broke away from the lies being told by BHPP and Scott Gruenwald, and made a video confirming what HAP had been saying was true.

The drama has steadily continued since then, with Scott Gruenwald and the STU heading the way, along with BHPP stooges like Lara Calhoun. That same year on Thanksgiving day, Jesus Martinez, took the time from family and friends to perpetuate the drama and bash 3am Paranormal on their Facebook page.

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