The Evolution of KYHOLE

In early 2009, I was involved in an internetz war between two video sharing sites, Methodofmac's BLAM!, and MrMercedesMan's Moarvideo. The owner of Moar was trying to pull out all the stops to win, but was failing miserably while we were still laughing at He Who Blew A Load On Stickam.

So MrMercedesMan set his henchman Kyhell into high gear with more and more attack videos. Moar's TOS at the time stated: "MoarVideo will not support any 'drama' videos aimed at others not on the Site. In such cases we may delete such content immediately and without notice." But hey, you can't ignore the fun we have on BLAM! for too long, so hypocrisy be damned!

MrMercedesMan seemed to think the Kyhell attack videos were having an effect, because we began ignoring Moar. Truth be told, we were bored shitless with the whole rivalry. But as Kyhell and MrMercedesMan continued the one-sided war, we decided to have fun with it. So...the Moar Dummies concept was brought to the table.

I had never made a puppet in my life. Mac and Nash were wary of the idea. But I thought it could work, and would be a whole new way to have fun with the rivalry instead of making animated movies. So I began watching "how to" videos on Youtube, and visiting puppet websites. The secrecy about how to make puppets and "puppet ministries" could be a whole blog, so I'll leave that for some other time. I took what info I could gather and went to a few craft stores, and bought "puppet parts". First thing I bought was three yards of stetchy fleece, which is muppet "skin" if you're making muppet-style puppets. I still have a LOT of fleece left, so it looks like I bought two yards too many!

The idea was to make a Kyhell puppet, and eventually a MrMercedesMan puppet. I didn't really plan it out, but I had a general concept in my head. The first thing I did was to cut two styrofoam ball halves to the general shape of the puppet head:

I then used what's called "foamie" to make the mouth plates, and join the two halves of the "skull" together. Ah, glorious duct tape!

I added the stretchy fleece "skin" to the skull, and the felt inner mouth:

I had read that many muppet eyes, Kermit the frog's included, were ping pong balls. So I followed suit:

"Kyhole" began to amass facial features:

This is the Kyhole I presented to Mac and Nash:

While they were impressed with the effort, I asked them to be brutally honest. We all agreed that no one would pick up on the Kyhell resemblance from this puppet. So I went back to the drawing board... literally. This time, I did a sketch of what we wanted to accomplish with a Kyhell puppet:

Nash absolutely loved the Kyhell sketch. I set about making "Kyhole" to the drawing's specs. First thing I did was hollow out a styrofoam sphere:

I didn't want any wrinkles in the stretchy fleece when I covered the head this time, so I searched for a way to cover a ball evenly with cloth. The puppet people weren't any help, but I found a craft site that decorates styrofoam balls for Xmas in the manner I was looking for. I had to make evenly spaced "orange peel" slices of stretchy fleece, and cover Kyhole's head:

Kyhole's mouth is a constant frown, so I built the mouth to reflect that. I added the mouth plate to the top of the skull like I did the first puppet:

Here's the inside of Kyhole's bottom jaw:

Here is the first photo of the completed, new Kyhole that I sent Mac and Nash. They went nuts when they saw it:

The prototype Kyhole was converted into Dumpin Loadham. I flipped the puppet upside down, and added a built up, higher forehead. Nash had the idea for the beady black pig eyes!

The rest is history! The Moar Dummies took the wind out of Moarvideo's sails; they had no idea how to respond! MrMercedesMan did give it a try; with failatry that included attempted calling of workplaces and harassing family members. That's when we decided to give him the biggest smackdown of all, with the video, "The Ghosts Of Lulz Past". After that, bubba never got up off the mat.

Kyhole has gone through a few improvements over the last few months. The most recent is that he now has a "neck" so the puppeteer's hand can't be seen: Although Mac loved to laugh a Kyhole's ghetto-ness as a puppet, I thought he should undergo plastic surgery.