In 1996, I took a professional makeup class at a costume shop in Bellflower CA.
It was run by a lively character named Kelley Robbins, a veteran in the
makeup and costuming industry for 30 years. When he first met me, he yelled, "Hi Slim!"

Those of you who buy Woochie prosthetics may recognize Kelley. He modeled several of their prosthetic pieces:

I worked at Kelley's Costumes as a makeup artist every Halloween from 1996 to 2000. Below are a few highlights from that time.

Kelley's Costumes closed its doors on April 1, 2000.
Some of Kelley's last students got together for one final makeup session and dinner.

Kelley Robbins passed away April 6, 2002. He was always a very funny guy with an unending library of great stories to tell about the makeup and costuming business. At his memorial service, people showed up in costume and make up, and told funny stories and how they loved Kelley, and celebrated the eccentric character that he was. He will be missed.