My good friend Method of Mac asked me to help transform him into Freddy Kruger this year. He already had the sweater,
and an awesome metal version of Freddy's glove, courtesy of FredlyFX. I went around to the various Hallowe'en stores
looking for makeup supplies and some type of Freddy prosthetics for the job. Surprisingly, Freddy was pretty scarce this year.
I ended up buying a foam latex Freddy half mask. It was the only face that looked at least halfway decent.

Of course, the problem was what to do with the back of Mac's head? So I bought a baldcap, and quickly glued it down with spirit gum.
Then I added cotton and latex "worms" all over the back of the bald cap.

Hopefully next year I can experiment with RMGP, but this year I used cream makeup that comes in tubes.
MUCH easier to use than creme makeup mixed with castor oil. I can't tell you the many nightmares I've had
with trying to color a prosthetic piece with THAT crappy mixture.
Anyway, I added the browns, reds, and yellows to the head worms.

Eventually, Mac began to look more and more Freddy-like. In fact, he liked my efforts so well, that he would have
preferred that I do the entire makeup and forget about the mask. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time, as Freddy and
Laura Croft were to make an appearance at a party later that night.